Refund Policy



Refund Policy there can be a situation where the customer might find trouble with services or in the medications that have been delivered. Situations are likely to occur in case of services or satisfaction factor of a customer. This might lead to some of the mishaps or other circumstantial events that may make you want a refund for your ordered medications.
In situations like that, we highly recommend that you keep the following points in mind for a refund for hassle-free service. In situations like that, we highly recommend that you keep the following points in mind for a refund for hassle-free service.


  • For a reminder, the refund process takes 3 business days. The team will coordinate with other departments and process your refund accordingly.



HealthCureShop gives their clients an assortment of conveyance modes, as you can see on the checkout page, with free conveyance choices (accessible sometimes). We likewise offer a short-term conveyance choice in a relationship with FedEx. Our other dispatch accomplices incorporate US Postal Services, UPS, and DHL Express.

We are offering you a rundown of a few circumstances on which a client might document and get returns. It incorporates:



To drop a request, you ought to get it done in the span of three hours of installment. After that time, we will move your request to the delivery division, and you will not have the money in question returned.


No reception:

In an uncommon case, in the event that the request doesn’t arrive at its client within 2 to 3 days of installment handling, the client might demand a discount. Yet, we won’t give a discount in the accompanying cases:

  • The location of the client is off-base
  • Change in clients address
  • The request’s conveyance is at the right location, however, there is nobody to guarantee the bundle.


Ineffective products:

Health Cure Shop is a respectable and one of the most outstanding web-based drug stores. We trust in offering the best items. We give 100 percent assurance of our drugs assuming any client feels that the item they are getting is incapable. They can make a discount demand around the same time or the following day without investing in some opportunity to illuminate us. We will make a full discount provided that the prescriptions are not harmed and conveyed in a similar condition. We won’t give a discount in the event that the medications are not in legitimate condition.

  • For client information, we will move the discount add up to a similar record from which we got the installment.



In the event of postponement in item conveyance, we encourage the clients to illuminate. The Customer Service Manager through the mail, visit, or telephone, and we will really take a look at the situation with your item on our end. We will organize a re-dispatch right away assuming that we can’t follow the request.